The Power of Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations in Central Texas

Discover how nonprofit organizations in Central Texas can leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience quickly and cost-effectively. Learn about best practices and benefits of using social media.

The Power of Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations in Central Texas

Nonprofit organizations have increasingly adopted the powerful and interactive capabilities of social media platforms for educational campaigns, events, and donor outreach. MissionBox emphasizes that non-profit organizations should take advantage of social networks to reach a wider audience quickly and cost-effectively. Social media platforms allow organizations to tell their story and share messages that can help attract followers, increase brand awareness, and promote fund-raising initiatives. A recent survey of 9,000 non-profit organizations revealed that Facebook is the most popular not-for-profit social network.

Social media for non-profit organizations can be used to create a campaign or fundraising activity in advance, especially when time and budget are limited. According to the Nonprofit Tech For Good survey, 97% of non-profit organizations use Facebook, 85% use Twitter, 61% use Instagram, and 63% use LinkedIn.

Kelly and Kamene Dornubari-Ogidi, WNA fellows, shared ideas from the social media training provided by One Voice Central Texas.

Social media for non-profit organizations can help raise mass awareness about the organization's objectives. To discuss social media for the goals and growth of the organization, One Voice Central Texas recently organized a social media training with a panel of some of the most experienced social media communicators in Austin.

Through social networks, non-profit organizations can share information about their work or the use of funds. The first step for any non-profit organization is to create an account on social media platforms. With social media, your non-profit organization can quickly connect with stakeholders, donors, or people who support your cause. Nonprofit organizations need to connect with donors or stakeholders to raise funds for the organization to function properly.

To get the most out of social media for non-profit organizations, you can start sharing stories such as what motivated the founders to create the organization or share the experience of volunteers or employees about why they got involved in your organization. In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of social media for nonprofit organizations, along with best practices that can help your organization generate impact in a cost-effective way.