The Impact of Central Texas Nonprofit Organizations on the Local Community

Learn more about how nonprofits are making a positive impact on Central Texas communities through Amplify Austin Day and other means.

The Impact of Central Texas Nonprofit Organizations on the Local Community

Staying informed about the latest local news in the Austin metropolitan area is essential to understanding the impact of nonprofit organizations in the region. From the Independent School District to the City Council, there are many developments and transportation updates that can affect the local community. At Amplify Austin Day and I Live Here I Give Here, we are proud to support tens of thousands of donors who come together to donate to their favorite non-profit organizations or to new causes that matter to them. We encourage you to look for organizations that align with your passions and values.

While I Live Here I Give Here verifies the charitable status of all non-profit organizations participating in Amplify Austin Day, ILHIGH does not select or select organizations based on their charitable purposes or missions. Eligibility is based on the provision of services in our area and on the organization's current status as a recognized public charity under Section 501 (c), 3, tax-exempt. Therefore, the approval of an organization's participation does not constitute an approval of the organization or its mission by I Live Here I Give Here or any of our partners. Each non-profit page provides the organization's mission, not detailed information about all of its programs. For your additional research, each non-profit organization's page also includes a link to their website to provide you with more detailed information about the organization's mission and the use of its funds.

You will immediately receive a thank you and a receipt for your charitable contributions, which you must print for tax purposes. When you select a specific non-profit organization to receive your donation, your donation is restricted to that organization and will not be delivered to any other non-profit organization. Your donation will be in the hands of your non-profit organizations within 10 business days. United Way for Greater Austin unites the community around collective goals, invests strategically in partners, and executes proven programs that make a real difference for children and families. Something special happens when we live together.

Impact Austin is a community of women seeking to transform lives in Central Texas through high-impact, lifelong donations. Donors will be able to use the Amplify Austin Day fundraising platform to search for social change organizations or non-profit organizations led by BIPOC that support racial equity. The organization provides educational programs and support to the Latino community in Central Texas. A unique benefit of a donor-advised fund at the Austin Community Foundation is the opportunity for donors to learn about and collaborate with the most pressing needs of Central Texas. Established in 2001, the Central Texas Literacy Coalition offers free literacy programs for adults, children, careers and families that include comprehensive case management. This is the day that becomes a broad movement of local generosity to celebrate and support the Central Texas nonprofit organizations that make this a better place for everyone to live.

The objectives of the fund are to raise awareness about Amplify Austin Day and non-profit organizations that serve the local community, provide critical matching funds that inspire donors to increase their donations, fund prizes for participating nonprofit organizations, and reimburse non-profit organizations for fundraising costs on Amplify Austin Day. Fund holders often appreciate the convenience of knowing the needs of the community without having to do a lot of research or engage in direct conversations with nonprofit organizations. The ACF selection process allows us to confidently evaluate and choose non-profit organizations to award grants and initiate lasting dialogue. The grant is unrestricted and is awarded in support of the mission and programs of the Central Texas Literacy Coalition. Nonprofit organizations have an immense impact on Central Texas communities. From providing educational programs and support for Latinos in Central Texas to offering free literacy programs for adults, children, careers and families, these organizations are making a real difference in people's lives.

Donors can use Amplify Austin Day as an opportunity to search for social change organizations or non-profits led by BIPOC that support racial equity. Through donor-advised funds at Austin Community Foundation, donors can learn about and collaborate with pressing needs in Central Texas. Amplify Austin Day is an incredible opportunity for donors to come together one day each year and donate to their favorite non-profits or causes they care about. With matching funds available from Amplify Austin Day, donors can increase their donations even further.

The day also serves as an opportunity for nonprofits to receive prizes for participating as well as reimbursement for fundraising costs. Nonprofits play an essential role in Central Texas communities by providing critical services and resources that make life better for everyone living there. By donating through Amplify Austin Day or other means, you can help ensure these nonprofits continue making a positive impact on our local communities.