Grants for Non-Profit Organizations in Central Texas

Find out about available grants for Central Texas nonprofit organizations with this guide from Mitte Foundation.

Grants for Non-Profit Organizations in Central Texas

Welcome to the easiest way to find grants and hire independent grant experts for non-profit organizations in Central Texas. The Mitte Foundation, established in 1994, has been striving to invest in organizations and programs that improve the quality of life of people living in the city of Austin and Central Texas. This grant opportunity is open to non-profit organizations that support the enrichment and well-being of North Texas youth through arts- or sports-based programs. Organizations were invited to submit letters of inquiry (LOI) to obtain grants to support health equity and scientific research in North Texas.

Mission Capital provides professional development support, consulting and facilitation to leaders, organizations and networks in Central Texas. Tito was new to the vodka business and was still struggling to make ends meet while rewriting the Texas code book to build the first legal distillery in the state of Texas. The ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies offers an effective fundraising certificate, a one-year comprehensive and systematic learning opportunity based on experience for those, inside and outside the non-profit sector, who are interested in learning the key competencies needed to be self-aware, confident, reflective and ethical fundraising professionals. AstraZeneca organizes an annual open call for applications to support eligible 501 (c) nonprofit organizations in the U.

S. Department of State for local and regional community programs. With the goal of building prosperous communities for all, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) works in North Texas and across the state through a variety of charitable funds and strategic initiatives. Through this grant opportunity, the Texas Communities Foundation aimed to help non-profit organizations develop competencies and skills so that they can continue to progress.

Through this grant opportunity, Communities Foundation of Texas aimed to support non-profit organizations that focus on health and well-being through hearing, visual and dental care in North Texas. The Payne Foundation supports non-profit organizations in the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle. There is also a 26% sports scholarship for youth development in the arts. Founded in 1988 by Dallas philanthropist Annie Lee Roberts, the Summerlee Foundation is a proactive, mission-driven organization with a strong desire to address important issues in animal protection and Texas history.

Organizations that need support to research, accelerate, or replicate a social change initiative that serves the North Texas region are strongly encouraged to apply. Grants are awarded to volunteer fire departments, first responders, cities and counties, schools, libraries, civic groups, museums, and other non-profit organizations.