Finding Job Opportunities at Central Texas Nonprofit Organizations

Find out about job opportunities at central texas nonprofit organizations with resources from Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest, Urban Institute, Central Texas Education Funders & more.

Finding Job Opportunities at Central Texas Nonprofit Organizations

Overall, the cities with the most non-profit jobs in Texas are Dallas and Houston, representing more than half of the state. Other larger cities, such as Austin and San Antonio, have also seen significant growth in the number of non-profit organizations. These cities offer a wide range of services and employ more than 680,000 people in Texas. As the state's population grows, so does the demand for services provided by non-profit organizations.

Houston is home to several of the state's largest non-profit employers, such as the Memorial Hermann Health System, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Methodist Hospital System. The Austin Business Journal is a weekly newspaper with the non-profit organization NewsAustin Community Foundation, which manages charitable funds established by individual donors, corporations, non-profit agencies and partner foundations in the Austin area and Central Texas.In the coming years, several sectors of the non-profit industry in Texas are expected to experience significant growth. This includes organizations that provide services to older people, such as medical and social assistance. West Texas, South Texas, Central Texas and East Texas also generate a relatively balanced number of jobs compared to large cities in Texas. Texas has more than 1.4 million employees in the non-profit sector and generates more than 110 billion dollars for the GDP of Texas.

The cities with the highest overall percentage growth in population also have the highest growth in jobs in non-profit organizations in Texas. To find out more about job opportunities at central texas nonprofit organizations, there are several resources available. The Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest is an authority on organized philanthropy that connects non-profit organizations and donors with tools and information. The Urban Institute conducts and disseminates research on the role and impact of non-profit organizations and philanthropy. The Central Texas Education Funders is a member organization comprised of several funding agencies in and around Austin that focus on education as one of their grantmaking priorities.

The Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations provides state information on nonprofit organizations, fundraising, and philanthropy. Board Source offers resources for nonprofit professionals and board leaders. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a newspaper dedicated to non-profit organizations.