How to Run a Successful Nonprofit Organization in Central Texas

Learn how to start and run successful nonprofits in Central Texas. Get tips on filing taxes, recruiting board members, and raising money.

How to Run a Successful Nonprofit Organization in Central Texas

Many non-profit organizations, but not all, choose to incorporate. To be exempt from taxes, a non-profit organization must meet certain requirements and file a request with the Internal Revenue Service and the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. To start a 501x3 organization, you must obtain your training certificate from the Texas Secretary of State. The Secretary of State can reject your application if it does not comply with the Texas Business Organization Code. At least three board members, a president and a secretary, are needed to start a non-profit corporation in Texas.

A portal solution for boards of directors designed specifically for non-profit organizations, such as OnBoard, can help nonprofit boards work smarter and achieve more for their organizations. Your designated agent must be in Texas or be affiliated with a non-profit consulting firm that is authorized to do business there. Filing the statement does not represent the creation of the non-profit association; it simply provides a method for a non-profit association to receive notice of any lawsuit filed against it. To choose the right type of non-profit organization, get a list of types of non-profit organizations, such as 501 (c) (or 501 (c) (, for example). You can create a non-profit organization in Texas as soon as the federal state approves your charter.

Keep in mind that Texas does not require a copy of the statutes to be filed with the state, but the IRS requires a copy of the statutes when applying for tax exemption as a 501 (c) () organization. Most nonprofit organizations don't need to pre-register as fund-raisers for charities in Texas to receive applications, even when carrying out large capital campaigns. Texas state law allows 501 (c) (exempt) organizations and several other types of organizations to be exempt from paying sales tax, hotel occupancy tax and franchise tax. If your non-profit organization is going to sell goods or services to raise money for its mission, you must apply for a tax license in Texas. Learning how to raise money for a non-profit organization and recruiting a board of directors are essential steps when creating a non-profit organization. Applying for property tax exemption is important when buying property for your organization in Texas.

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